Recent Before & After Photos

Groundwater Flooding in a Kalispell Church Meeting Rooms

The groundwater forced its way into the lower level of this church building in Kalispell. The water drained out quickly with the help of SERVPRO trash pumps. Ho... READ MORE

Flood Damage In Columbia Falls

The crew to call after a flood damage incident occurs in your Columbia Falls property is SERVPRO! Our skilled specialists will respond quickly to your emergency... READ MORE

Fire Damage Debris Removal in Kalispell

Cleaning and restoration start with a work area without any hazardous materials in the way of our technicians. One of our goals is to restore smoke damage mater... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Columbia Falls

Don’t let water damage in your Columbia Falls home cause you to panic; our crew is here to help! You can reach our water damage professionals 24/7. Our sp... READ MORE

Columbia Falls Full Service Remediation

The broken hose from the washing machine eventually led to an extreme mold infestation on the walls and flooring in this Columbia Falls home. The transition fro... READ MORE

Kalispell Bank and a Large Water Deposit

When groundwater from a flash flood carried contaminated water into a commercial building, like a bank in Kalispell, our SERVPRO team is available for 24/7 emer... READ MORE

Kalispell Flooded Home

The driven rainwater from the storm gained entry into this Kalispell dwelling through the low-slung, poorly sealed windows. The engineered hardwood flooring pla... READ MORE

Kalispell Damaged Fire Place

SERVPRO recommends always to have your fireplace inspected before firing it up for the cold winter months. This Kalispell property illustrates the effects of a ... READ MORE

Mold Damage In Columbia Falls

When a mold infestation takes over your Columbia Falls home, you need to call the professionals at SERVPRO. We have training in applied microbial remediation, w... READ MORE

Kalispell Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring

The leak from the sink supply line in this Kalispell kitchen resulted in the damage to the hardwood planks, as depicted in the Before Photo. Wood can readily ab... READ MORE