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Take a Driving Tour Through Columbia Falls' Glacier State Park

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Home contents can rapidly decline from water damage if not handled properly. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for this exact problem!

These January Columbia Falls-Based Glacier Jeep Rentals Provide Ample Exploration of a Stunning State Park

The Glacier State Park expands over 1 583 square miles with ravines, peaks, and valleys. Alongside the sublime national scenery are over 700 miles of walking trails. Glacier Jeep Rentals on 9th Street provides equipment rentals for those looking to experience the State Park and gain access to some hidden trails that exist further from the entrance ways. Some of the most stunning trails like Logan Pass and the Virginia Falls require regular back and forth to experience, which makes renting a large, park-ready Jeep a must. This local company owners provide expert tuition on using the Jeep and guidance on some of the finest spots that may not be in your tourist guide.

  • Jeeps come fitted with the necessary camping equipment
  • Equipment can be delivered to RV campsites and are flexible to your schedule
  • Local guidance of some of the less-traveled trails in Glacier State Park is a must.

Water damage can deteriorate your home and contents rapidly. Contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 now.

Kalispell Tasting Rooms Open For January

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fires can cause extremely bad smoke and soot damage during and after a fire. The technicians of SERVPRO have the equipment and know how to handle it.

Sunrift Brewery Provides a Tasting Sessions with the Master Brewers this January

If you have ever wondered about the unique processes that create delicious, locally-brewed beers, then a tasting session this January is on your wishlist. Sunrift Brewery is an independent company based in Kalispell, Montana, crafting beverages from their ten-barrel brewhouse for decades. Inspired by the surrounding Flathead lakes, Glacial Park, and its mountains, the independent business is a local favorite. Tasting rooms offer live music on Mondays and sampling sessions with master brewers every Thursday through January. While there is no kitchen in the taproom, many excellent food trucks are dotted around the brewery, and bringing food in is welcome. 

  • Take the opportunity to see local live music from Northern Montana
  • Get a tasting session to sample seasonal craft beers this January
  • Learn about the process of making stouts, pale ales, and lagers from master brewers

A property fire can cause significant odor and staining in your property. Contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 for expert advice on restoring your home after a fire.

Protect the Contents and Structure of your Columbia Falls Business From Water Exposure

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle near a body of water Is your business suffering from water damage? Call SERVPRO for the water remediation services needed to get you back into the game.

SERVPRO Helps Columbia Falls Businesses Restore their Homes After Water Intrusion

Columbia Falls is just a few miles from the stunning Glacier National Park and has a small population of only 4 710 residents. The city, which is in the broader region of Flathead County, is famed for its breathtaking scenery, mountains, plateaus, and lakes. The glacier-formed scenery is a central part of this area in Montana. Flathead River, Lake, and Valley have geological significance, with the area being a key location for students seeking to advance their knowledge of rock formations and waterways. Despite its relatively small population, Flathead County covers a roomy 5256 square miles. Of this area, 269 square miles is made up of water, which provides the district with a well-earned reputation for some of the finest vistas in the United States, which are rightly considered a national treasure. Columbia Falls is a superb destination for back-to-nature getaways, hiking, fishing, and biking. The numerous rentable log cabins and local breweries provide a welcome break from a day of outdoor activities.

Perhaps the most prominent identity of Columbia Falls is its hospitality. Tourists are greeted warmly all year round, with many stopping over before exploring the 2 million acres of forestry. The area is home to many nationally-recognized golf courses. Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. The ski resort splits the Whitefish Mountain, the largest in the Glacial State Park, into three different faces. The world-class ski courses feature two high-speed routes in the Big Creek Express and the Big Mountain Express. The third face features the Swift Creek Express, which is aimed at beginner and intermediate skiers or those taking lessons. During certain times of the week and season, more mountain face areas open up, including tree routes, cross country skiing, and jumps. The most experienced riders can take on the Hell Roaring Basin, an expert course on the Western face, replete with chutes, cliffs, and tree skiing. The region is famous for Olympic medallist Tommy Moe who learned to ski on the trails before winning a gold and silver medal at the 1994 winter Olympics. 

  • The Apgar Lookout Trail is a pilgrimage for hiking enthusiasts who take the 7.1-mile track past the Flathead River and up 567 meters along the mountainside. The trail itself is rated as challenging and only suited to experienced hikers with a planned route and supplies. The prime season for taking this route is between June and October, when clear weather allows trail-goers to admire the incredible views.
  • Thrill-seekers in Columbia Falls can trek into the Whitefish Mountain Resort and take advantage of the fantastic Aerial Adventure Park. Suitable for seven and above children, the supervised zip lines, climbing points, and trapeze provide a high-octane thrill to young adventurers and adults. Tickets are purchasable from the Base Lodge on entry to the Glacier State Park.
  • The Apgar Cross Country Ski Trails are ideal for combining skiing with exploration, and several highly trafficked routes range from intermediate to expert. Popular routes include the Lower Mcdonald Creek and Rocky Point, while experienced practitioners can take the Macgee Meadows or the Site of Old Flat Head Ranger Station for longer climbs. The trails also allow access to the stunning Apgar Lookout.

Resting Spots and Accommodation in Columbia Falls Montana

  • Backslope Brewing is a warm and welcoming stopover for visitors in the Glacier State Park. The food menu includes traditional American burgers, steaks, and platters. However, the drinks shine here with a rotating selection of craft brews and four standard brews on tap. Some of these beers are brewed right here in Columbia Falls using freshwater from the Flathead Glacial Lake.
  • Nite Owl Restaurant on 9th Street serves up huge breakfasts for those needing a quick fill before taking the day out on a hike at the nearby national park. Daytime breakfasts offer generous portions with a menu that hits all the right spots in traditional American food. From 5 pm, the Nite Owl's backroom opens where guests can get excellent bbq foods and craft beers.
  • The North Forty Resort is a set of log cabins just five minutes away from Whitefish, Montana. There are a considerable amount of log cabins, with some including hot-tubs and a full commercial kitchen. The West Entrance to the Glacial National Park is about 20 miles away along the Mountain Highway. Each cabin can host up to eight people, making it ideal for family vacations or group trips.

SERVPRO Assists Columbia Falls Businesses Following Water Intrusion Events

An unexpected water intrusion can play havoc with your Columbia Falls business. We are a no-nonsense restoration service that specializes in repairing commercial premises. Our technicians are experts at identifying water problems in a property, reducing water exposure, and mitigating the extensive losses resulting from water intrusion. In addition to our industry-leading training, SERVPRO technicians have access to industrial equipment, which is essential for restoring larger businesses or holiday resorts. Our crew chiefs can communicate with you and your insurance adjuster throughout the service to deliver a speedy restoration. By using anti-microbial chemicals and quick-drying techniques, we can help to reduce the secondary losses that usually occur with water damage. You can arrange a commercial callout by reaching us at our twenty-four-hour emergency contact center. After receiving a notification of loss, our technicians can be with you within just four hours.

  • SERVPRO can mobilize industrial-standard equipment like DX generators for large commercial properties or in multiple resort centers. 
  • Our team has a solid-understanding of complete drying techniques, which can help mitigate secondary damages in your premises.
  • Crew chiefs can communicate with the property manager throughout restoration to deliver a smooth and acceptable service, all year-round.

If your business suffers from water issues, contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 for professional assistance. 

Sip Wine and Paint Gnomes in Kalispell

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

three Christmas gnomes SERVPR0 SAYS: There's "Gnome" Place Like Home for the Holidays during Stormy Weather!

Learning How to Paint Gnomes in Kalispell while Enjoying the Holiday Spirit

For many, the holiday season can a stressful time--what gifts to buy, decorate, and schedule family gatherings; sometimes people need to fit in some time in to relax. Luckily there is a local painting studio that is offering a special event just before the holiday season. There appears to be no better way to get some personal relaxing time than to enjoy some wine and relax.

On December 19, the Tipsy Brush Studio located at 860 North Meridian Road Unit B6 offers a special Christmas event where people can bring a bottle of wine and a friend or meet friends while they learn how to paint. The studio provides the following during this paint and sip event:

  • Event attendees get the chance to socialize, drink some wine, and learn how to paint a beautiful gnome painting.
  • The cost is only $35, and all painting supplies are included, but everyone is encouraged to bring their own colors.
  • No experience is required as step by step instructions will be given.

SERVPRO of Flathead County proudly serves the region with all of its snowmelt flooding restoration needs. Call (406) 300-0435 for emergency restoration services.

Come See a Drive-In Movie in Columbia Falls

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

car view of drive-in movie with snow You can "ELF" around watching the movie at the drive-in as SERVPRO restores your fire damaged Columbia Falls home!

Columbia Falls Residents Can Get into the Christmas Spirit by Watching a Classic Movie

This year, it may be hard for many to force themselves into the happy-go-lucky Christmas spirit. However, the holiday season can be an excellent way to distract people from the world's problems. Going out to watch a holiday-themed movie can prove to be a good distraction and a way to cheer people up.

On December 11, the Columbia Falls Area Chamber of Commerce offers a chance to watch the hilarious movie "Elf" in a drive-in setting. The event is limited to 100 people, so it is wise to purchase tickets on the chamber's website as soon as possible. Families wishing to attend should note the following:

  • The price is $10 per vehicle.
  • The movie starts at 6:30 p.m., and the parking begins at 6.
  • The film will be shown in the Columbia Falls High School Parking lot located at 610 13th Street West, Columbia Falls.

SERVPRO of Flathead County can provide prompt fire cleanup services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can be reached at (406) 300-0435.

Mold Removal Specialists Can Provide Services in the Kalispell Area

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO sales vehicle in mountain snow SERVPRO can remove the mold, but not the snow, from your Kalispell home. Why Not give us a call?

SERVPRO Can Remove Mold Inside Kalispell Homes and Prevent Issues in the Future

Kalispell, Montana is one of the country’s most picture-perfect, old-fashioned mountain towns. The location in the center of the Rocky Mountains gives residents and visitors beautiful views of snow-capped mountain peaks and the opportunity to participate in several outdoor adventures.

As of the 2010 census, the city had a relatively small population of nearly 20,000 people. However, Kalispell is considered the biggest city in northwest Montana and is the commercial hub and county seat of Flathead County. Even though the town itself is not that big, it has a “Micropolitan Statistical Area” covering over 93,000 people. The city is also recognized as a secondary trade center as the trade area has approximately 130,000 people inside it.

The seat of Flathead County is also the home to one of the largest media markets in Montana. Kalispell has the second-largest over-the-air radio market in the state, sitting behind its biggest city, Billings that has around 110,000 people. The city also houses the Kalispell Regional Medical Center, one of the biggest hospitals in the region with 150 beds. Most visitors get to the town via the Glacier Park International Airport located about 8 miles northeast. Still, there is a smaller airport in the southern part of town called the Kalispell City Airport that provides some aviation services to the region

The History of the Largest City in Northwest Montana

The city was first founded by a group of settlers that noticed a perfect area to put a town. The city’s name comes from a Salish word that means “flat land above the lake.” Salish is a language spoken by Native American tribes in the northwestern part of the country. There is also a Salish language school and training center located nearby in Arlee.

The first people to set their eyes on the area were Charles Conrad (a businessman and banker from Fort Benton) and a few of his associates. The four men formed the Kalispell Townsite Company and started platting lots that began to sell in early 1891. After the area proved to be a place where people wanted to live, the town was quickly incorporated in 1892. Conrad then built a mansion in the city to call it his home in 1895.

Plenty to Do in and Around Kalispell

The northwestern Montana area is most known for the mountains that inhabit the region and all of the activities associated with being outdoors in the Rocky Mountains. The town itself is surrounded by many popular outdoor recreation sites, including:

  • Glacier National Park- This national park is only about 30 miles away from Kalispell, it covers over one million acres, and it sits on the Canadian border.
  • Hungry Horse Dam- This site is located about 22 miles away from Kalispell, and the construction was finished in 1953. Its primary purpose is flood control and it generates hydroelectric power, but exquisite views can also be seen.
  • Flathead Lake- This lake is only seven miles south of the city, and it is the largest natural freshwater lake by surface area west of the Missouri River in the United States.
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort- This resort is only about 20 miles away, and it allows skiers to ride down Montana’s famous Big Mountain.
  • Blacktail Mountain Ski Area- This ski area has a restaurant and ski rental shop with four lifts and 26 runs geared mainly towards intermediate skiers.
  • Buffalo Hill Golf Club- This club was founded in 1918, and the land that used to be a buffalo pasture is now the home to a 27-hole public golf course.

Enjoy Everything Glacier National Park Has to Offer

This gigantic, famous national park is the home to exquisite sites in the Rocky Mountains and it has the following recreational activities to offer:

  • Hiking: The park has over 700 miles of trails that are perfect for either short full-day or half-day hikes and extended backpacking trips.
  • Camping: It is easy to stay the night in the park in one of its 13 campgrounds that have over 1,000 sites to choose from.
  • Guided Tours: If getting a professional tour is preferred, it is possible to take guided boat trips in four of the park's lakes, go on a bus tour, rafting trip, or a horseback ride.
  • Photography: Depending on the time of the year, photographers have the chance to catch sunsets and sunrises over the gorgeous mountain lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, glaciers before they melt, and wildflowers scattered across Logan Pass.

How Can SERVPRO Mitigate Mold

All of our technicians at SERVPRO are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) program and have a vast amount of experience removing fungi. We know that if the problems are not treated promptly that they can get much worse. Mold can create spores that can get airborne inside your house, enabling them to travel to previously unaffected areas.

Our SERVPRO team can take the following steps to remove mold from your home:

  • We start by finding the source of the issue and repairing the leak. For example, if the problem is with a window seal, we can fix the leak and make sure no more water can enter.
  • We can then remove any contaminated material from your house if we don’t think we can save it. If the fungus has grown deep into your drywall or on your carpet, we may have to remove the affected building materials.
  • If there is mold on your wooden subfloors or wall studs, we can use abrasive methods to remove the contamination, such as soda blasting, sanding, scrubbing, or sandblasting.
  • We also can set up a containment chamber and attach an air scrubber to it. The air scrubber will create negative air pressure inside the chamber and pool any contaminated particles in the air through a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.
  • During the process, we can also apply antimicrobial products to the affected areas that will help eliminate the fungus and the spores it creates.

If you ever need any water, fire, or mold damage restoration services, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435. We are open 24/7, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Columbia Falls Residents Can Enjoy Glacier National Park for Free

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of resort and restaurant sign Don't let fire damage dampen your resort's business. SERVPRO is always on call.

Don’t Sit Home in Columbia Falls - Head to the Great Outdoors and Spend the Day Exploring 

Glacier National Park has so much for visitors to see and do. On Wednesday, November 11, you can enjoy all of it for free. You will want to leave early and plan your day because no one can see it all in one day. Here are some favorite areas to visit in the park: 

  • Going to the Sun Road 
  • Lake McDonald Valley
  • Logan Pass 
  • Many Glacier
  • Mary
  • Two Medicine
  • North Fork
  • Goat Haunt 

Glacier National Park has so much to enjoy that no one feels left out. It’s an outdoor lover’s paradise. The scenery alone is worth the trip. You can enjoy: 

  • Hiking & Biking
  • Backcountry & river camping
  • Guided tours
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Fishing & Boating
  • Special events
  • Photography opportunities 

The team at SERVPRO of Flathead County loves outdoor activities like this, and we know you do too. We have been serving the Columbia Falls business community for many years. If your company requires fire damage cleanup, call us at (406) 300-0435.

Kalispell Holiday Extravaganza 2020

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of state park sign Our SERVPRO team is out and about in the community. We are looking forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

Kalispell Residents Can Get Their Christmas Shopping in Early with This Fun Event 

The holidays will be here soon, and nothing is more enjoyable than spending a day holiday shopping. Kalispell folks can get a jumpstart on their Christmas list at the Holiday Extravaganza. You can enjoy three days of not only shopping but sampling holiday foods as well. With over 100 vendors from the Pacific Northwest, the offerings include: 

  • Jewelry
  • Western wear
  • Fine art
  • Pottery
  • Holiday themed gifts
  • Handcrafted items 

And that is just a sampling. There will be food vendors as well. The fun was scheduled to begin on November 13, but has been delayed due to the existing concerns for our citizens. So head on over to the Majestic Valley Arena at 3630 Highway 92 North in Kalispell after the rescheduling. It is a fantastic event the whole family can enjoy. 

SERVPRO of Flathead County is proud to be a premier restoration company in Kalispell. We provide a variety of services include water removal basement service. Contact us at (406) 300-0435 for more information. If you see us at the extravaganza, be sure and say hello.

Storm Water Extraction Provided by Kalispell Restoration Experts

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle in front of Glacier National Park Sign Our SERVPRO team enjoys our the trails and sights in 'our big back yard.'

SERVPRO Can Remove Floodwaters and Restore Kalispell Homes to Pre-Loss Condition 

Kalispell is a beautiful city in the wide-open state of Montana. It is the gateway to Glacier National Park, which is a wonder in itself. Snow-capped peaks, abundant wildlife, and alpine trails are part of the scenery. When you visit Kalispell, you will want to check out the downtown area. Many of the 1800s buildings have been restored, and it is like stepping back in time. You will not want to miss visiting: 

  • Conrad Mansion Museum– Dedicated to preserving the Conrad Family Estate, lovely period furnishings and gardens can be seen.
  • Charles E. Conrad Mansion– Victorian-era home of Charles E. Conrad. He was a Kalispell pioneer and shipping magnate.
  • The Sassafras Building– One of the first brick structures. Charles and Henry Lindlahr's Brewery Saloon resided there.
  • Heller Building– Began as the Heller Saloon in 1900 and featured the town's first cement sidewalk.
  • Snyder House –Built by stonemason Joseph C. Snyder, it is a transitional Colonial Revival style home.
  • Beaman House– A lovely Queen Anne style home built in 1895.
  • Scandinavian Methodist Church– Started in 1896, it is a restored wood building.
  • Fisher House– Built in 1892, it was created in the Stick/Eastlake architectural style. Reverend Fisher, his wife Mary, and their six children lived in the home.
  • Charles Boles House– A Tudor style home built in 1932 is a lovely building. 

Skiing, hunting, fishing, and other out-of-doors activities are all part of the charm of this stunning region of the United States. But life in this part of Montana can also have its dangers, and not just from grizzly bears. Heavy snows combined with heavy rainfall can cause torrential flooding. 

1964 Northwestern Montana Floods 

The winter of 1963 had seen heavy snowfall with many memories of shoveling snow in late May. On June 7, 1964, rain began to fall. The ground was still snow-covered in many areas and saturated from the winter's snows and spring rains. Streams and rivers were already high due to the spring thaw. The rain continued for twenty-four hours and produced one of the most devastating floods to hit Montana. 

The Continental Divide 

The Continental Divide splits the east from the west. The flooding impacted lands on both sides of the Divide. The Flathead River is on the west side and directly impacts Kalispell. It overflowed and sent record-breaking flows into towns and cities. East of the Divide, the Dearborn, Tetons, Sun, and Marias River spilled over as well. Other areas that got hit included: 

  • Glacier National Park
  • Waterton Lakes National Park
  • Gibson Dam – overtopped
  • Swift Dam – breached
  • Two Medicine River Dam - breached 

The dams spilled large amounts of water into nearby towns with minimal warnings to the residents. The floodwaters from the Flathead River through Columbia Falls reached over 25 feet, breaking the record from 1894, where floodwaters reached a height of 19.7 feet. 

"All Hell Came Down the Mountains" 

That was how residents described the flood. The damage in Montana amounted to approximately $55 million. Over 8,000 people needed shelter, and 31 people died. The repercussions were felt in Canada as well, with $1 million in American dollars damage there. It was an extreme flood that had happened before and could happen again. 

Flathead County, while it suffered no deaths, ended up with $28.4 million in damages. Cattle and wildlife swept through the towns, and homes were destroyed. The raging water took out five bridges in the area and six miles of railroad track plus roads. 

What Homeowners Can Do to Prepare 

Because flooding can happen at any time, being prepared is the best thing homeowners can do to reduce damage. SERVPRO recommends the following steps: 

  • Have a family emergency plan in place. Know where to meet, what to do, and who to call in case a disaster occurs.
  • Prepare emergency kits for the family with needed supplies like bottled water, flashlights, and extra clothing.
  • Move treasured items to higher levels.
  • Keep copies of the necessary paperwork in a waterproof file. Store originals in a fire and waterproof location.
  • Obey evacuation orders.
  • Make sure you have flood insurance as part of your homeowner policy.
  • Do not enter the home until given the go-ahead. Floodwaters are highly contaminated.
  • Know your local SERVPRO number to call when the ok is given for cleaning and repairs. 

SERVPRO of Flathead County is dedicated to helping homeowners when a disaster happens. We provide storm water extraction and help clean up the damage that storms can bring. We stress safety, above all else, to our customers. Never risk your life for possessions. Things can be replaced; people cannot. 

How Does SERVPRO Mitigate Flood Damage? 

Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians are well-trained in storm water extraction and other needed services. Because floodwater is contaminated, that is one of the first areas addressed. Water extraction is crucial as standing water can damage structural elements, causing them to deteriorate. The home and its content are subject to mold the longer the moisture remains. 

Never attempt floodwater cleanup on your own. Our Kalispell technicians have the proper PPE and experience. They know what needs done and get to work immediately. The following takes place when dealing with flood damage: 

  • Storm water extraction with trash pumps and other powerful pumps
  • Sanitizing using EPA-registered biocides, antimicrobials, and antifungal agents
  • Drying the structure and the content using air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Cleaning the content off-site if necessary.
  • Controlled demolition if needed to help with sanitizing and drying.
  • Repair and restoration as required. 

SERVPRO of Flathead County understands the needs of local folk. We are homeowners too. We know how devastating any type of disaster can be and want to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Our company is licensed and bonded – Contractor Licenses: Residential: 247200 & Commercial; 247200. Contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 for all your fire, flood, and water damage restoration. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Do Restoration Companies Have That Homeowners Don’t?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

house drawing for insurance Why Choose SERVPRO? We gladly work with you and your insurance company to expedite the water damage restoration to your Columbia Falls home

Skilled Water Restoration Companies Make Sure That Your Columbia Falls Interior Gets Brought Back to Pre-Loss Condition Quicker and Better Than DIY Methods Alone

A burst pipe or a hidden leak within your home often brings immense damage. You want your family routine back to normal quickly, so calling in the help of trained technicians is the only way to get results without hassle. SERVPRO is available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. This ensures you get the prompt attention you need to handle cleanup and removal of water and subsequent damage to your Columbia Falls property.

What Do I Do Until You Arrive?

It is essential to try to turn off the water to the area of the incident until water restoration companies in Columbia Falls have the chance to arrive. SERVPRO will assess the damage and formulate a plan upon arrival that facilitates rapid water extraction meshed with industry-proven drying methods. When you work with our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT), you can expect:

  • Lightning-fast response times
  • Cost and time savings
  • Industrial-grade equipment
  • EPA-registered products for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization
  • Mold mitigation and remediation
  • Assistance with insurance claim filing
  • Controlled demolition
  • Pack-outs, and more

Along the way, each step of our water removal and drying ensures we follow best practices to get the results you deserve. We work to restore and repair rather than replace, including salvaging contents and building materials. The SERVPRO crew adjusts our processes as we move through each phase so that we can ensure you have the prompt, reliable restoration required to bring your interior back to preloss condition. It is vital you get in touch with us for water restoration if you have issues with:

  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • Storm floods
  • Water intrusion from a damaged roof
  • Leaks from a faulty appliance
  • Bathtub, toilet, or sinks overflowing
  • Sewage backups, and more

With prompt response and skilled contractors to handle any required controlled demolition, we ensure that you get results. Residential contractor license #: 247200. Call SERVPRO of Flathead County today at (406) 300-0435 to enjoy the services that only trusted water restoration companies provide.