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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Who Can Help with Damage to My Home?

4/17/2020 (Permalink)

natural elements that can damage your property, weather plus more SERVPRO Helps When Your Kalispell Property Suffers from Any of These Occurances.

Contact SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration when Your Kalispell Home Suffers Content or Structural Damage

In our inaugural year, we have affirmed our position as a local leader in restoration services and remediation efforts for Kalispell homes and businesses. Wherever disasters struck Flathead County, we were a team trusted to manage these losses and restore the properties to preloss condition. With the support of our parent brand, our growing team has managed to handle jobs of even substantial size in all of the restoration niches we have gotten trained to address.


Waiting on water restoration can become a costly decision, as even small disasters can have expensive consequences for your Kalispell home. Water losses migrate quickly from their origin point, which can become a challenging thing for homeowners to address on their own – especially when the damage is no longer exclusively on the surface of affected materials. We have sophisticated inspection tools that can help to identify moisture pockets and the concentration of damp areas so that these points can get addressed quickly and efficiently during the application of drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers.

While we have hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers of varying types and sizes, that is only the start of the premier drying and extraction equipment available to our SERVPRO team. We have industry-leading specialty drying tools like mats, positive pressure systems, and desiccant dehumidifiers. For extraction, we have ride-on motorized weighted extraction units that can help to protect wet carpet from requiring removal. These advanced tools work to make our restoration of water losses in Kalispell homes more efficient and cost-effective.

We offer a comprehensive approach to water restoration that encompasses both the administrative work required to secure insurance provider damage claim approval and an in-house reconstruction and remodeling team to help rebuild areas of your Kalispell home after mitigation steps have completed.


Fire losses can be a devastating experience for Kalispell homeowners, and even more so when you see how the disaster has ruined your personal belongings, keepsakes, and collected treasures. We specialize in content management after fire losses, keeping an accurate record of unsalvageable items we encounter in the home and working to remove and protect at-risk belongings that our restorative practices can save. We put the same care into our pack-out procedure as we do into the staging and return of these items once restoration work has completed.

Among the chief damages that our SERVPRO team must overcome when we first begin mitigation and recovery of Kalispell homes are water loss from firefighting, soot residues on surfaces and contents, and smoke odors throughout the entire property. All of these can have disastrous effects if left unchallenged. We have emergency services that can begin immediately upon arrival to begin drying up this water damage, removing damaged contents and materials to reduce harsh odors, and employing air filtration tactics to reduce hazardous particles circulating in the environment.

As with any structure fire, the possibility of requiring controlled demolition and ultimate reconstruction is more likely than you might think. We are working towards preferred vendor status with insurance companies because of our in-house licensed general contractors (#247200) that can oversee both the focused demolition the house needs as well as the full-scale reconstruction and necessary repairs to Kalispell homes.


Every winter in Montana has the potential to be a hard one, and Kalispell residents know how quickly heavy snow can buckle weak roof joists and materials to allow for leaks and flooding. Extreme temperature drops can also have a damaging effect on areas of your home as flash freezing can damage the integrity of eaves, shingles, and siding. The spring and summer months have the potential to be equally damaging in the right conditions, so our SERVPRO team immediately understood the importance of fast and confident response to storm damages.

Flooding is one of the typical and unfortunate side effects of structural storm damage to Kalispell homes. With vulnerabilities in the building, water penetration happens unabated, which can quickly become a devastating situation during heavy precipitation. Our general contractors can work to fully repair and rebuild these damaged areas. However, first, they begin with roof tarping and board up services so that our restoration specialists can get started on flood removal and drying.

Flood cuts can allow us to get a better angle on the drying that your Kalispell home needs without causing our customers excessive bills with reconstruction. These controlled demolition practices allow for thorough extraction throughout these affected cavities and direct drying with low profile centrifugal air movers to dry out all remaining moisture pockets.


One of the alarming aspects of mold colonization is that it can happen at any time. With naturally occurring mold spores in almost every environment, these microorganisms are only waiting for conditions to be right to seat and thrive into colonies that can spread quickly and hazardously throughout your Kalispell home. As a leading local mold remediation provider, we have proven practices to address these threats in your house, beginning with containment protocols.

We can establish a perimeter of thick plastic sheeting around a mold damage zone in Kalispell homes to regulate the temperature, drying, and airflow/filtration of this area. The better we can regulate aspects like drying and recovery, the better able to protect the affected materials and avoid the need for removal and reconstruction. Within this zone, we can implement practices like sanding and soda blasting to attempt to remove mold damage where colonies have formed. If unsuccessful, we can resort to controlled demolition practices to remediate the colonies.

Air quality and odors are two other essential aspects of the remediation process, and many of our advanced machines can address both of these aspects in part. Hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers can both run air through a HEPA filter to trap particulates as small as 0.3 microns. This process can also help to reduce musty odors typical of mold damage in Kalispell properties as well.

No matter what threats your home faces, our SERVPRO of Flathead County team can help with a comprehensive and thorough restoration approach. Give us a call whenever disasters strike at (406) 300-0435.

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