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Do Water Restoration Companies Help Reinstate the Visual Appeal Of Kalispell Homes?

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

water puddling on floor kitchen floor If not quickly removed, water can quickly damage structural elements. SERVPRO is always available for water removal and remediation.

SERVPRO Performs Controlled Demolition and Rebuilds Installations as Part of Water Removal Services

One of the undesirable effects of water damage in Kalispell properties is ruined interiors. At the very least, you may end up with drip marks on wall surfaces necessitating refinishing. In most cases, though, materials deteriorate physically, losing their structural integrity and visual appeal.

One advantage of calling water restoration companies to your Kalispell home after water intrusion is the ability to renovate the deteriorated areas as they perform water removal. SERVPRO provides a team of specialists experienced in different aspects, including applied structural drying and lead-based paint activities and renovation.

Refinishing and other refurbishment processes are necessary when addressing:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

Building designers conceal plumbing connections and accessories behind walls or ceiling panels for the best aesthetic appeal in most houses. However, the same aesthetics become problematic when moisture intrudes into unwanted areas. Our SERVPRO professionals use systemic approaches such as controlled demolition to create better access and ensure the patchwork completed after addressing the water delivers the same preloss visual appeal.

The restoration process starts with identifying the level of moisture migration around the affected parts of the structure. That way, it is possible to remove all wet, unsalvageable materials before attempting a restoration.

Tracking Moisture Migration Takes Various Equipment, Including:

  • Penetrative moisture sensors and meters
  • Non-penetrative moisture meters and sensors
  • Thermal cameras

After removing the unsalvageable materials, our SERVPRO technicians focus on drying the affected areas and applying antimicrobials to prevent mold development after sealing the site with new materials. We replace the removed materials and repaint the area taking precautions to ensure the shade matches the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO of Flathead County is one of the reputable water removal companies you can rely on when you have a water intrusion problem. Call us at (406) 300-0435. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Efforts Remove Water from Kalispell Basements and Cellars?

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

water seepage thru cinderblock basement wall Leaks or hydrostatic pressure can result in water damage to a Kalispell basement. SERVPRO removes the water and dries out the moisture

Water removal is a critical element of restoration for damaged Kalispell homes. 

Water damage situations like appliance failures or ceiling leaks can overwhelm the basement level of area homes, leaving a pressing need for water removal and restoration. Mitigation of this damage starts with evaluating the condition of the property and the immediate steps possible to protect contents and the house’s occupants.

Damage Assessment and Content Relocation

Job scoping collects data necessary for efficient water restoration in Kalispell homes. With many residents using basements to store seasonal items and displaced belongings, the migration of moisture and standing water poses an immediate need for relocating these contents to an unaffected area of the property. Emergency services like these prevent greater out-of-pocket expenses for customers.

Extraction Tools for Basement Levels

Reducing the levels of standing water in the basement or cellar level of your home can protect stored contents and structural elements that might be at risk. Even with an unfinished space, materials like the main floor subflooring, supports, and fixtures could become irreparably damaged without fast extraction solutions.

Thorough Drying Solutions Prevent Mold Damage

Cleaning of water-damaged areas of the house focuses most completely on thorough drying solutions. As challenging and widespread as trapped moisture can become, monitoring the migration of these effects, and implementing carefully designed drying plans reduce the possibilities of mold growth. We use several tools, including:

  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Portable electric heaters
  • Containment barriers
  • Positive pressure systems

The basement level of many homes in the county can be sensitive to groundwater infiltration or water damage. Addressing these concerns as fast as possible can ensure that less of the house and its contents suffer irreparable harm. Our SERVPRO of Flathead County team is ready to help 24/7 at (406) 300-0435.

SERVPRO Is a Trusted Name for Water Damage Restoration in Columbia Falls

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

Burst main water line Burst main water lines cause havoc on a home. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call. Water damage restoration is a specialty.

Water Damage Cleanup Needs to Happen Fast in Columbia Falls

Water damage restoration at your Columbia property involves much more than merely removing the standing water due to burst pipes or ceiling leaks. If the mitigation process is not done efficiently, there is a risk of secondary damage that can prove to be costly and time-consuming to repair. SERVPRO's professional water restoration experts use a multi-faceted approach to mitigate water damage to save you both time and money. 

SERVPRO’s water damage restoration experts of Columbia Falls understand the science behind the drying process and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to enhance evaporation and control humidity. 

What are Key Factors Affecting Drying During Water Cleanup? 

The three most important factors that the restorers look to control for efficient drying of your water damaged Columbia Falls home are-

  • Humidity- Lowering the humidity ratio by employing a combination of dehumidifiers and heating systems can significantly speed up drying during water damage remediation of your Columbia Falls home 
  • Airflow- As water evaporates from a wet material, air above the material becomes cool and saturated. SERVPRO technicians employ air moving equipment to replace this air with warmer, drier air to accelerate drying
  • Temperature- Increasing the temperature of the material also quickens the evaporation during the water damage repair process

SERVPRO technicians can significantly shorten the drying time by manipulating these three conditions abbreviated as HAT.

Call SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 for 24/7 water damage restoration of your Columbia Falls home.

How Helpful are Water Restoration Companies in Kalispell?

4/11/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of a sign for a business Does your home need water removal services? Call our SERVPRO team immediately for best results. We are standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

SERVPRO Offers Comprehensive Water Removal Services Restoring Kalispell Homes Fully

Most people know Kalispell as the place to shop or seek accommodation when exploring the Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, or other Western United States attractions. This is partially true since the surrounding areas are attractive to thrill-seekers any season of the year. Hikers explore different Flathead Valley trails in fair weather while winter offers a perfect opportunity for snowshoeing or snowmobiling in the mountain ranges surrounding the Glacier National Park.

One of the best ways to explore the area is to visit the resorts. You can have the best skiing experience by visiting the Whitefish Mountain Resort or Blacktail Mountain. Whitefish is located north of Kalispell, about 25 miles, while Blacktail is on the opposite end, 28 miles from the city. The two resorts have various facilities, including different ski lift types and rental equipment to facilitate your skiing experience. 

What the City Has To Offer

Apart from visiting surrounding areas, there is much to enjoy within the city limits. For people looking for unique shopping experiences, there are specialty shops that offer one-of-a-kind items. For instance, Think Local has exclusive items ranging from natural soaps, home décor, and art all made in Montana. 

Recreational parks such as the Woodland Water Park offer a perfect opportunity to spend time with family or friends. The facility has a giant pool, water slides, and a lazy river to cool off during hot summers. The pool accommodates up to 400 people at a time. The park has separate play areas for small and bigger kids and trails for biking or walking. The art park near the bridge connecting the two sections of the park completes the experience.

Museums and Historical Places

If your visitors want to explore the art and history of the town, there are several facilities where they can do so, including:

  • The Conrad Mansion Museum, built by the founding father of Kalispell. It features 26 rooms with the original furniture and accessories. Guided tours are available where you can learn in detail how the area changed over time
  • Northwest, Montana History Museum, housed in the former Central School building. The school was constructed in 1894, and the restorations and conversion to a museum were done in the 1990s.
  • Hockaday Museum of Art is housed in a former Carnegie Library. It showcases exhibits and galleries of regional art.  

How Does SERVPRO Complete Water Restoration in Kalispell Homes?

Water intrusion affects properties in different ways, including creating hazards such as slippery surfaces, inconveniencing bad odors, and deterioration of various materials. The intrusion can be a bigger bother when you have guests around. 

SERVPRO takes steps to address immediate dangers before resolving long-term problems. We inspect the property to establish whether there are risks such as electrical hazards. We attempt to remove standing water from surfaces fast or set warning signs to minimize slip and fall accidents. 

Apart from addressing immediate problems, SERVPRO also takes steps to resolve any deterioration caused by water exposure.  We use various drying techniques depending on the level of wetness and type of material. For carpets and upholstery, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to boost evaporation and drying rate. For other materials such as hardwood floors, we use drying mats.  Our services help resolve different issues, including:

  • Basement flooding 
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 

Call SERVPRO of Flathead County whenever you need assistance from water restoration companies. You can reach us at (406) 300-0435.

The Best Water Restoration Services Near Me?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

water leaking pipes When water damage occurs you need the help of a professional outfit. SERVPRO has the man power and experience for any water restoration service needed

Our SERVPRO Techs Provide Friendly and Expert Kalispell Water Restoration Services!

No one wants to come home after a long day of work to an emergency. After years of use, water supply lines can give out suddenly and without warning. The best way to overcome the surprise is to react quickly and without panic. 

Swiftly providing your home with Kalispell water restoration services can prevent thousands of dollars in damages. While the cleanup isn't free, allowing water to sit can only cause more problems in your home. Imagine finding flooding in your laundry room. If left too long, you may find yourself paying for the time because:

  • Impacted clothing may need professional cleaning
  • The resilient tile flooring could become damaged from the excess moisture.
  • Water could sink into places you cannot see and cause issues even when you think the mess is gone.

Getting our SERVPRO techs into your home immediately can turn a complicated situation into a straightforward restoration. After your first call, we do our best to arrive as swiftly as possible. Once inside, we can: 

  • Cleanup the pooled water from your floor using advanced technological devices
  • Move your washing units to ensure that all puddled water is addressed
  • Use infrared cameras to search for hidden pockets of water 

When it comes to your home, don't take any chances. Dial (406) 300-0435 to speak with SERVPRO of Flathead County. We can help you solve the problem!

Take a Driving Tour Through Columbia Falls' Glacier State Park

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Home contents can rapidly decline from water damage if not handled properly. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified for this exact problem!

These January Columbia Falls-Based Glacier Jeep Rentals Provide Ample Exploration of a Stunning State Park

The Glacier State Park expands over 1 583 square miles with ravines, peaks, and valleys. Alongside the sublime national scenery are over 700 miles of walking trails. Glacier Jeep Rentals on 9th Street provides equipment rentals for those looking to experience the State Park and gain access to some hidden trails that exist further from the entrance ways. Some of the most stunning trails like Logan Pass and the Virginia Falls require regular back and forth to experience, which makes renting a large, park-ready Jeep a must. This local company owners provide expert tuition on using the Jeep and guidance on some of the finest spots that may not be in your tourist guide.

  • Jeeps come fitted with the necessary camping equipment
  • Equipment can be delivered to RV campsites and are flexible to your schedule
  • Local guidance of some of the less-traveled trails in Glacier State Park is a must.

Water damage can deteriorate your home and contents rapidly. Contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 now.

Kalispell Holiday Extravaganza 2020

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of state park sign Our SERVPRO team is out and about in the community. We are looking forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

Kalispell Residents Can Get Their Christmas Shopping in Early with This Fun Event 

The holidays will be here soon, and nothing is more enjoyable than spending a day holiday shopping. Kalispell folks can get a jumpstart on their Christmas list at the Holiday Extravaganza. You can enjoy three days of not only shopping but sampling holiday foods as well. With over 100 vendors from the Pacific Northwest, the offerings include: 

  • Jewelry
  • Western wear
  • Fine art
  • Pottery
  • Holiday themed gifts
  • Handcrafted items 

And that is just a sampling. There will be food vendors as well. The fun was scheduled to begin on November 13, but has been delayed due to the existing concerns for our citizens. So head on over to the Majestic Valley Arena at 3630 Highway 92 North in Kalispell after the rescheduling. It is a fantastic event the whole family can enjoy. 

SERVPRO of Flathead County is proud to be a premier restoration company in Kalispell. We provide a variety of services include water removal basement service. Contact us at (406) 300-0435 for more information. If you see us at the extravaganza, be sure and say hello.

What Do Restoration Companies Have That Homeowners Don’t?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

house drawing for insurance Why Choose SERVPRO? We gladly work with you and your insurance company to expedite the water damage restoration to your Columbia Falls home

Skilled Water Restoration Companies Make Sure That Your Columbia Falls Interior Gets Brought Back to Pre-Loss Condition Quicker and Better Than DIY Methods Alone

A burst pipe or a hidden leak within your home often brings immense damage. You want your family routine back to normal quickly, so calling in the help of trained technicians is the only way to get results without hassle. SERVPRO is available 24/7, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. This ensures you get the prompt attention you need to handle cleanup and removal of water and subsequent damage to your Columbia Falls property.

What Do I Do Until You Arrive?

It is essential to try to turn off the water to the area of the incident until water restoration companies in Columbia Falls have the chance to arrive. SERVPRO will assess the damage and formulate a plan upon arrival that facilitates rapid water extraction meshed with industry-proven drying methods. When you work with our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT), you can expect:

  • Lightning-fast response times
  • Cost and time savings
  • Industrial-grade equipment
  • EPA-registered products for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization
  • Mold mitigation and remediation
  • Assistance with insurance claim filing
  • Controlled demolition
  • Pack-outs, and more

Along the way, each step of our water removal and drying ensures we follow best practices to get the results you deserve. We work to restore and repair rather than replace, including salvaging contents and building materials. The SERVPRO crew adjusts our processes as we move through each phase so that we can ensure you have the prompt, reliable restoration required to bring your interior back to preloss condition. It is vital you get in touch with us for water restoration if you have issues with:

  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • Storm floods
  • Water intrusion from a damaged roof
  • Leaks from a faulty appliance
  • Bathtub, toilet, or sinks overflowing
  • Sewage backups, and more

With prompt response and skilled contractors to handle any required controlled demolition, we ensure that you get results. Residential contractor license #: 247200. Call SERVPRO of Flathead County today at (406) 300-0435 to enjoy the services that only trusted water restoration companies provide.

Are Tree Roots Putting Your Columbia Falls Home At Risk Of Water Damage?

7/18/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Bedroom Interior For advice and help, call SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435.

Columbia Falls Homeowners Need To Be Aware Of Water Damage Risks

Lots of homes in Columbia Falls have beautiful trees in the yard. Trees are popular for a good reason – they look lovely, provide shade to sit under, and increase the value of your property.

However, homeowners should be aware that trees also pose a water damage risk in Columbia Falls. Tree roots can grow into and around pipes and sewer systems, and cause damage. SERVPRO technicians have encountered burst or cracked pipes, due to robust root systems growing around and into them.

How do I know if my trees are damaging my pipes?

There are some telltale signs that the trees in your yard are wreaking havoc with your water or sewer pipes:

    •    Visible cracks on your driveway
    •    Slow-flowing drains
    •    Gurgling noises from the toilet
    •    Frequent drain clogs even if you clean them regularly

If you notice any of these signs, don’t delay – have a plumber come and assess the situation. Be sure to tell them that you’re concerned about tree root growth, so they know what to look for.

What can I do to prevent tree roots causing water damage?

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Here are some easy ways to prevent roots from damaging your pipes:

    •    Don’t plant trees or shrubs with extensive root systems near your home
    •    If you are going to plant a large tree make sure there is plenty of space between it and your sewer lines
    •    If you must plant trees near your lines, choose ones that grow slowly and have a small root ball
    •    Protect sewer lines with wood or metal barriers planted 6 – 12 feet deep so that root cannot reach the pipes
    •    Clean sewer lines regularly to break though any errant roots

If you are unfortunate enough to have a damaged water pipe or sewer line, give SERVPRO a call as soon as you can. We train our technicians to assess the situation, evacuate the water, and undertake thorough drying and deodorizing. By the time our team is finished, it will be like the water damage never occurred.

For advice and help, call SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435.

Is There a Way to Eliminate Water Corruption in my Home?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after a water incident.

Homeowners with Water Damage Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Their Home to a Pre-loss Condition.

Why is water intrusion challenging to remove?

Most Kalispell residents use a professional restorer to tackle water deterioration in their homes. When a slow leak occurs in your home, it can spread quickly into parts that are challenging to access. It may also be challenging to trace the flow of water from the source and pick up all remnants of impairment. SERVPRO technicians are qualified experts with experience working on the infrastructure and architecture of residential properties in this community. Our team can perform safe demolition of building materials as well as the reinstallation of new materials once the water emergency is under control. But we are also experts at dealing with odors, microbial growth control, and inspection. Working with us gives your home a strong chance of recovering to a preloss condition without further risking secondary damages down the line.

How can I tell when a water intrusion emergency is under control?

The surest way to mitigate water damage in your Kalispell home is to perform a thorough inspection. Water can migrate invisibly through the structure of your home without you realizing until it is too late. Residential architecture is a labyrinth of floor spaces, wall cavities, attics, lofts, basements, garages, and crawlspaces. All of these areas can be adversely affected by exposure to moisture. Our technicians use moisture sensors to place on the exterior surface of walls and floors. These devices measure the relative temperature of the surface. Cooler surfaces are often an indication of residing water inside the cavity. If the readings are suggestive of water migration, technicians can drill small holes into the baseboard to feed borescopes into or use infrared thermal imaging cameras to confirm the presence of water in cavities.

How can I access wall cavities without destroying the wall?

- Using a trim puller carefully remove the baseboard from the bottom of the wall

- Test the wall for potential pipes or wiring along with the trim before drilling to ensure you do not cause further harm 

- Boreholes into the wall using an electric drill and be careful to go too far beyond the thickness of the drywall (usually half an inch)

- Allow the holes to ventilate the cavity or attach flex hose to ventilation equipment to enhance ventilation further

What types of equipment are there for drying wall cavities?

There is a range of equipment that technicians are capable of using or adapting when it comes to drying cavities. Necessary equipment may include a box fan or, if water has penetrated drywall only, placing a powerful dehumidifier close to the wall can be an effective drying method. When water penetrates cavities or comes from inside the cavity- for example, with internal plumbing issues- requires advanced equipment to dry the cavity. SERVPRO technicians can adapt air-moving equipment and dehumidifiers using flex hose, which can then be fed into the wall cavity to circulate warm air currents. We can also use specific cavity drying restoration equipment like injectidry systems, which work in a similar method to air-movers. Still, We can be more time-efficient for both setup and drying.

How do I reverse wall damage from water?

- Inspect the cavity for further moisture residing behind the wall 

- Thoroughly dry the wall using a dehumidifier and air mover

- Repaint the wall using a moisture-resistant, antimicrobial primer

Are my walls capable of restoration?

The length of exposure generally dictates the success of the restoration procedure. When there is significant exposure, the likelihood of microbial growth or saturation increases, sometimes it may not be cost-efficient to restore drywall or other building materials. In these circumstances, SERVPRO can remove the affected area altogether and reinstall drywall. One benefit of demolishing drywall is the ability to dry the cavity efficiently while also performing a visual inspection of plumbing and the sanitizing the cavity itself. Sanitation can help to reduce mold growth or odors from an affected cavity. Drywall is typically resilient to moisture exposure in the first three days, which means that there is a strong chance of restoring the cavity. 

Do I need to deodorize the property to rid it of water smell?

The most effective measures of odor control are drying and cleaning the cavity. In some situations, an odor may persist. Our technicians can prevent odor by using odor sealing primers, placing odor pellets inside cavities or crawlspaces, as well as using a fogger in the affected area. To minimize inconvenience, most odor control is contacted on an isolated area of the home rather than full fumigation.

Repairing walls and building materials is efficient, providing you have the right equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 now.

How Does a Professional Water Cleanup Service Protect my Columbia Falls Home?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

Model home in water When your home suffers from water damage, you need the experts at SERVPRO. We are available 24/7.

Calling SERVPRO for Water Cleanup Measures Protects Your Home from Experiencing Several Costly Problems

Our crews arrive Faster To Any Size Disaster, giving our customers the added benefit of a rapid response to an unexpected crisis. We use different pieces of equipment in Columbia Falls to scale our water cleanup services to the specific needs of our customers. Using only the machines needed to clean up messes saves you money through lower utility expenses, adding to the value already gained from using proper extraction techniques.

What Type of Damages might Happen if I Let Things Air Dry? 

  • Dampened wood can suffer delignification (the chemical dissolving of the natural glue that holds wood fibers together) or structural changes (warping, buckling, splitting, and cracking)
  • Slowly-dried furnishings can emit very strong wet, musty odors,
  • Microbes can significantly grow in size, and
  • Humidity levels can dramatically spike.

SERVPRO’s water cleanup includes extraction and rapid drying. We use standardized moisture content calculations, making sure each job always leaves each customer’s house “Like it never even happened.”

How Does SERVPRO Check My Home?

We use different methods depending on the situation. 

  • Infrared cameras tell us where hidden water exists.
  • Moisture meters accurately determine the amount of moisture remaining in solid materials.
  • Hygrometers show how much humidity the air holds.
  • Our building services team (Residential Contractor License # 247200) inspects for damage to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Both cameras and moisture detecting devices provide us with a baseline at the start of a water cleanup job, allowing us to adjust our efforts as the work progresses and also ensures us and our customers that all areas become dry.

Measured and controlled drying keeps your house’s wooden components from sustaining disintegration from delignification and physical damage. A house with normal humidity levels becomes less likely to sustain odors or microbial infestations.

SERVPRO of Flathead County, at (406) 300-0435, also covers areas around Whitefish, MT, and Lakeside, MT. Call for the high standard of water cleanup service you expect for your home when disasters like overflows and broken lines happen.

Find out more about Columbia Falls.

What Should I Do When I Return Home to Standing Water in My Basement?

4/17/2020 (Permalink)

People standing in puddles of water in rain boots Water damage in your home? SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Help with Efficient Water Removal Tools and Drying Equipment to Help Your Columbia Falls Home. 

Finding standing water in any part of your home can be devastating and overwhelming, especially when you are not sure where to begin with restoration and recovery. While many might seek to reach out to their insurance companies, there are many reasons that it might benefit you to seek our SERVPRO team first.

When you need water removal in your Columbia Falls home, many property owners have trusted the fast and reliable response of our technicians. We keep ready trailers stocked with premier restoration equipment and tools to efficiently manage standing water beginning as soon as we arrive at your damaged residence. Between our commitment to accomplishing restoration projects quickly and our premier equipment for water removal and drying, we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

What Should I Expect from Restoration Professionals After a Water Loss? 

  • Fast Response
  • Trained and Knowledgeable Experts
  • Content Recovery and Management

What Tools Work Best to Remove Surface Water in My Home? 

The right tool is critical to providing a fast and efficient extraction in your house after water losses. While we have many machines that can do the job, some of the most common include:

  • Wet Vacuums – Runs on electricity and has high portability. It can get used as a continual extraction tool or spot removal with the built-in storage tank.
  • Truck-Mounted Extractors – These are the most powerful removal tools in our arsenal, capable of reaching a consistent 300 psi extraction rate. These tools are ideal for substantial water losses spread throughout a large open area. 
  • Submersible Pumps – Sump pumps are the backbone of our extraction efforts, as they can work to remove water from basements quickly with a long discharge line.

Come home to a flooded basement? Our SERVPRO of Flathead County team can help when you call (406) 300-0435.

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Why We Are The Leader In Columbia Falls Water Damage Restoration

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

A floor covered in water When you find yourself facing a water damage disaster call our experts right away, we are available day or night.

Learn the Best Way to Deal with Water Damage In Your Columbia Falls Home

Water damage is an issue that affects most properties. Whether it is from a plumbing leak, bathtub or sink overflow, or the water that firefighters use to put out a fire, water can affect your property significantly if it is not restored correctly. After a water intrusion problem in your property, you need to take immediate action by seeking professional help from SERVPRO. Our priority is to handle the incident to make it “Like it never even happened.”

When water pools in your residence, it can seep in your carpeting, upholstery, drywall, and other areas. With high-tech equipment and a highly trained team of experts, we can handle any magnitude of water damage in your Columbia Falls property. We respond fast to emergencies since we understand that water loss incidents can toss the lives of homeowners off-balance.

After your property is exposed to water, some electrical equipment may cause electrical hazards or malfunction. Water often causes electronic equipment to corrode. If the damage is not severe, we can work with an electronic mitigation technician to repair the affected appliances. However, if the damage is severe, we can properly dispose of the electrical equipment and help you file an insurance claim.

If your carpeting and padding are saturated, it is necessary to remove the water quickly so prevent discoloration, delamination, or rotting of carpeting. Our crew can use light wands to extract the water. The equipment is suitable for removing water damage initially and extracting water from glue-down carpeting. Light wands are also useful for extracting residual water on the surface of carpeting after restorers have used a stationary tool.

We can also inspect your carpet to choose an efficient cleaning process. Our restorers can identify different fibers used to manufacture carpeting by performing various tests, which include the burn test, specific gravity test, and chemical test. Pretesting helps our SERVPRO technicians to avoid running carpets or area rugs during the restoration process. It enables us to select the appropriate cleaning products and methods.

Proper drying of your property is essential to prevent wood rot and mold growth, which can be hazardous to your health. Drying requires advanced equipment since it is more of a delicate balancing act. We can use structural cavity drying equipment that enables us to direct airflow into cavities to replace cold, moist air with warmer dry air. The machine increases the temperature of the surface, lowers vapor pressure, and speeds up the rate of evaporation.

At SERVPRO of Flathead County, we aim to earn the trust of our customers by serving them well. Call us today at (406) 300-0435 for effective water damage restoration services in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Lakeside.

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Kalispell Hardwood Flooring Benefits from SERVPRO Drying Methods 

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

View of the foyer of a home with hardwood flooring This is how your Kalispell home can look after SERVPRO restores water-damaged hardwood floors.

How Tenting Maximizes Concentrated Drying in Kalispell Homes

Drying up specific materials is a standard practice of our water recovery team when dispatched to Kalispell addresses. With a fast response to specific situations, we can often limit how many structural elements become exposed to water damage. When we can reduce water losses to drying out flooring materials and baseboards, approaches like tenting are highly effective.

Tenting is a practice that can amplify the concentrated effects of drying water damage in Kalispell residences. By reducing the area to get dried, our SERVPRO technicians can better regulate the draw of moisture and maintain better monitoring of the moisture content to ensure that materials do not become overly dry and damaged on the other side of this spectrum. Flooring materials like hardwood are particularly susceptible to excessive dryness leading to splintering, which can be as destructive to the flooring as oversaturation.

The process of tenting utilizes 6-mil plastic sheeting for large areas that can be secured to keep a good seal with painters tape and, if needed, also sandbagged to the dry perimeter around water-damaged flooring. Lay-flat poly tubing may be attached to the covering and works as a duct for air circulation. Depending on the conditions present, we can utilize dehumidifiers and drying mats within this zone to draw out moisture for removal. We establish a quick-access monitoring device within this tented area to continually note the changing moisture conditions and modify the approach as we reach the ideal moisture content recommended for the specific type of flooring affected. The moisture content measurements follow the guidelines of psychrometrics tables. Different areas of the country have varying levels of average moisture content levels. Hardwood planks are 6% in Arizona but 12% in Florida or Washington.

Because of this thick plastic sheeting around the work area, our drying processes are more effective and efficient. A concentrated drying effort can even protect supports and joists beneath the main planking of the floor from becoming overly saturated. Moisture pockets get determined during the initial inspection phase, where our SERVPRO crew chief or production manager works with our customers to gain an understanding of the source and spread of water loss. 

Many potential threats can exist when moisture and dampness threats get inadequately controlled after a water loss incident. We can work quickly to protect damaged flooring after a water emergency. We work hard to protect and preserve through restoration these expensive flooring materials.

We have advanced practices that can maximize efficiency and get your property back to preloss condition. Give our SERVPRO of Flathead County technicians a call today at (406) 300-0435.

Stop Wasting Time and Contact SERVPRO For Water Damage Remediation in Kalispell

5/18/2019 (Permalink)

A leaking pipe can cause large water damage problems. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Safety First During Water Damage Restoration in Kalispell Home

When looking for water damage, it is common to look down, knowing that water follows the path of least resistance and gravity. Sometimes water collects in surprising and dangerous places in a home.

SERVPRO received a call to address water damage at a home in Kalispell. The homeowner got up like any other morning, and when she turned on the light in her kitchen, nothing happened. She thought it was a burned-out bulb, but she noticed the light fixture and the light bulb, had water in it. We advised her to turn off the electricity and await our emergency response team’s arrival.  

The technicians traced the leak to a pipe under the vanity in the bathroom above the kitchen. The ceiling was soft but not yet sagging, so we drilled weep holes to let airflow in to dry both the ceiling and the floor joists.  

We scoped the bathroom and found the only area of elevated moisture was around the leak at the back of the vanity. The sheetrock was in an unsalvageable state, and we used controlled demolition techniques to carefully remove it to let adequate airflow within the wall cavity.  

Since the electricity in the home was off, we powered our air movers and dehumidifiers from our generators. The air movers concentrated airflow within the ceiling area, floor joists and the wall behind the vanity while the dehumidifiers ported the captured excess moisture out of the room. Afterward, SERVPRO technicians cleaned and disinfected the surfaces.  

Once we completed the mitigation of the water loss in the home, it was still not safe to turn the electricity or water on in the house. Our technicians consulted with the homeowner and recommended the repairs necessary for the light fixture, ceiling and leak behind the vanity to bring the home back to its preloss condition. Since our location offers building services, she chose to have us complete the restoration to make the full restoration process seamless.  

Call SERVPRO of Flathead County at (406) 300-0435 when you need assistance with water damage in your home. Our technicians have the training and equipment to mitigate any size water loss and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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SERVPRO, for Kalispell Homeowners, Provides Fast Water Removal to Mitigate Damages

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Don't Delay!! Call SERVPRO to Remove Water from Floors in Kalispell

How Really "Waterproof" is the Waterproof Flooring in Your Kalispell Bathroom?

Certain areas of your Kalispell home have waterproof flooring installed to help safeguard your property against pooling water threats that can result in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. While these materials can help to slow the penetrative ability of water vastly, they are not entirely impervious to damage or absorption. Whenever water loss incidents occur, you need a professional restoration team that can respond fast to the situation to help ensure that your water-resistant flooring does not get asked to endure more than it can handle.

Pooling can present water damage that extends far beyond just the flooring in your Kalispell home. While the most immediately affected area is the hardwood or the tile work throughout these points in your house, excess water can also wick into drywall and cabinetry throughout these areas. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly, even during an emergency, to offer effective mitigation services to help reduce the spread of damage throughout your home. The obvious thought is that you can quickly mop up a spill on a water-resistant floor surface. But, did you get it all without any leakage to undetected locations?

It is essential to appreciate the role of SERVPRO restoration technicians in restoring your water damaged kitchen or bathroom. With so many structural fixtures like cabinetry, having the right extraction and drying equipment on site can help to preserve these affected elements to reduce tear out and replacement. If the damage has remained on the hardwood or tile floors in the affected room, we can work to sop up water with conventional approaches like mopping and wet-vacs with extraction wands. For more severe situations, we can utilize tools like portable sump pumps and gas-powered portable options.

While the flooring itself has been designed to withstand a direct onslaught of water damage, prolonged exposure can begin to exploit the weakest points of the installation. For tile, the weakest points are the grouted joints. For waterproof hardwood flooring, the seams between planks are the penetration points that ultimately allow moisture and dampness to seep into the wood and subflooring. We can place drying mats and erect "tenting" sheets to isolate and extract hidden moisture.

With the fast response of our SERVPRO of Flathead County water restoration specialists, we can protect your waterproof flooring and other exposed structural elements throughout your house. Give our professionals a call anytime at (406) 300-0435.

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Why it is Important to Quickly Remediate Water Damage in Your Kalispell Home

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water loss events can quickly damage your home, and time is of the essence prevent damage.

The Need for Speed When Water Damages Your Kalispell Home

Causes of Kalispell residential water crises vary. Storms with heavy rains, winds, and snow can damage building components, allowing water inside. Flash flooding or municipal water main breakage can put your home several feet underwater in a matter of minutes or hours. Catastrophes like these are what many homeowners fear when planning for water damage. No matter how severe the consequences we are poised to respond fast. 

Water damage in your Kalispell home is more likely to stem from more mundane circumstances. A slow leak under a sink, loose caulk around a bathtub, or a broken hose inside a dishwasher are common reasons to ask for professional water mitigation help. Regardless of the reason for the water loss, quickly responding is critical. Our crew can be on site within hours of your first call, assessing the damage and moving directly into the implementation of a restoration plan based on industry best practices. 

SERVPRO Franchise professionals complete comprehensive training provided through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Moisture is very destructive, crumbling drywall, swelling and warping wood framing and floors, destroying insulation, and fueling secondary damage such as microbial growth among other unfortunate outcomes. Our team masters IICRC strategies that halt the harm water inflicts on all types of building materials, returning a broad range of structural components and contents to preloss condition. 

Expect our employees to arrive in fully-equipped service vehicles, stocked with the pumps and extractors needed to remove water and the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers needed to dry out your property. SERVPRO’s commitment to training and investment in cutting edge equipment means your project begins without delay, following a protocol proven to deliver positive results. 

You can rely on our expertise in moisture metering, our trained technicians testing affected structures with sensitive devices to establish baselines to help establish drying goals. SERVPRO Franchise professionals use thermal imaging to detect hidden caches of water behind walls, under floors, or in other cavities or recesses. Releasing the trapped water and then containing and discharging it ensures our restoration efforts succeed, “Like it never even happened.” 

SERVPRO of Flathead County sends crews to your home quickly, enhancing the likelihood we mitigate any water damage. Call us 24/7 at (406) 300-0435 to schedule an assessment of your water disaster. 

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